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Course planning
The North American Institute carries out a Language Audit based on the chart.
This language audit:

Progress monitoring
The North American Institute will monitor the program and report regularly to the client’s training department on progress and attendance. This enables the client to evaluate the success of the training and to decide how to continue most effectively to achieve the agreed upon objectives.

Individual Training and Private Classes
Effective Learning
The North American Institute Business Track Programs are one-to-one courses designed to ensure that your learning is as effective as possible. They can be taken in full weeks, as a series of separate training days or as training sessions to fit around your work schedule.

As the courses are individual, the programs are designed to meet the training requirements of each participant, taking into account such practical areas as:

The Training Process
Preparing to Learn
The first steps to effective learning are:

Active Learning
The North American Institute Business Track Course is carefully planned and taught by a team of experienced trainers and will typically contain:

Continuing to Learn
You will finish with a Progress Review to assess what you have accomplished and plan the best way to extend your skills. You will also receive a Post-Course Task to help you consolidate and develop what you have learned.

Benefits of an Individual Business Track Program: