Spanish Exploration

With such a lovely climate and intelligent and warm people, our Spanish Exploration program makes the perfect fit for anyone who is adventurous and desires to learn Spanish in real-life situations. We firmly believe that learning another language should be a fun and interactive experience, not one where students are anchored to the desk in front of chalkboard all day.

As a baseline for the Spanish Exploration program we use the Nuevo Mundo Spanish course. Nuevo Mundo is a dynamic, interactive, and certified course designed here in Costa Rica by U.N.E.D (Universidad Estatal a Distancia). The focus is on Latino and not Castilian Spanish and, when coupled with our certified native professors and our explorative out of the classroom methodology, the program continues to yield spectacular results.

Whether it is the fresh food market, with its wondrous array of aromas, the various natural beauties, including the beaches, rain forests, or volcanoes, or simply taking a quick stroll down the street, our Spanish Exploration program will allow you to learn the language in a manner that is suitable to your needs while also making you feel as if you were one of the locals. There are plenty of programs that will offer you knowledgeable teachers, but there is only one that has been so successful in harmoniously integrating the inside with the outside. For this reason, you never really leave our program. With us, there is never adios or hasta luego…with Spanish Exploration there is only, see you next year!