At the North American Institute we recognize that the classroom, though an important part of language learning, is not the ultimate focus for students who want to gain true fluency. For that reason we employ an organic communicative approach in all our classes.

We use the highest levels of technology currently available in language teaching. However, what sets our program apart is the use of organic materials from schools across the globe; materials that not only teach grammar but allow students to break free of the course in order to become truly comfortable communicating in everyday situations.

The communicative approach allows us to effectively use technology in the classroom in the form of Whiteboard software, the internet, and a mixture of audio visual activities from our partner schools and language trainers in England, Germany, Canada and the United States. It is not enough to study grammar books. Language must be used in order to build fluency. Each of our classrooms is an audio visual laboratory where students are transported into a different world of language.